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2018 / 09 / 21 (raw)

Thanks, Medium

I don't understand how so many developers are turning towards Medium for blog article writing.

The platform is ultra-heavy, it's slow to load and throws popups everywhere. What a fucking nightmare.

But the worst, and the reason behind this rant, may be images.

When, in HTML, you want to insert an image, you add an image tag. Boom, it works everywhere, you have nothing else to do.

Why the fuck those dumb asshats at Medium thought that it was a good idea to remove image tags with meaningless tags, and force the user to have javascript enabled and a shitton of 3rd-party/resources allowed?

Why the fuck break a thousand-year working standard that work absolutely everywhere?

At which moment, and in which world, did a developer think it was a good idea?

The web is so much filled with crapware that almost no one cares about a website taking a hell lot more computing power than average, for the sake of writing in this piece of garbage called Javascript.


To avoid bloat, thankfully, on Firefox, you have the reader mode.

And this useless piece of garbage is even blocking image rendering in reader mode.

You're forced to go through their website.