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2022 / 07 / 08 (raw)

TamperMonkey script to make GH notifications a bit easier to use

The Github notifications hub integrates pretty nicely into my daily work workflow, but something has always irked me: if I have a bunch of notifications for issues that have been closed, I have no way to filter them out, or to clear them at once.

I made this small TamperMonkey snippet to do this precise job, and will add more scripts as time goes (and will edit this article accordingly).

// @grant        unsafeWindow
// @grant        GM_registerMenuCommand
// @grant        GM_log
// @run-at document-start

GM_registerMenuCommand('Select expired notifications', function(_) {
    const notifs = Array.from(unsafeWindow.document.querySelectorAll('li.notifications-list-item.notification-unread'));
    notifs.forEach((notif) => {
        const is_open = !!notif.querySelector('svg.octicon-git-pull-request');
        const checkbox = notif.querySelector('input.js-notification-bulk-action-check-item');
        if (!is_open) checkbox.checked = true;