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2019 / 12 / 12 - Changelog (raw)

Paste v2 is up!

In this article, I'm gonna introduce the changes that came with the second major release of the paste ephemeral pastebin tool.



New features

Deprecated features

Dev' comment

Paste needed some fresh air, especially since the version was quickly (i.e. badly) done, with lots of bad practices, clunky code, and hard-to-maintain choices.

The first step consisted on cleaning pretty much the entire code-base.

Once that was done, I decided to provide the two "small" features:

Discussing with a friend made me realise the void that are pastebin tools for markdown content. So, I decided to implement a dumb commonmark view, as proof of concept.

Which means that paste now supports Markdown rendering!

The last step was about error pages.

Before this change, you'd end up on a crashed text/plain; charset=ascii page that would just dump the error without anything else.

I decided to make some quick'n'dumb generic HTML error page for 404, 500, etc.