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2019 / 06 / 01 - PHP: Bad Idea / Good Idea (raw)


From the PHP documentation, it converts special characters to HTML entities.

# Bad idea: Using htmlspecialchars for clearing input

This method is made to transform HTML-related characters to their HTML entity counterparts, not to "clean" data before a save operation, e.g. a SQL INSERT (1).

We see a lot of htmlspecialchars usage for saving data into a database, which is definitely not a good thing.

// Example
$username = htmlspecialchars($_POST['username']);
$db->query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = '$username';");

Not only this won't properly prevent SQL injections, but you'll also end up modifying the data in a non-reversible way. You cannot revert back the data to "not HTML special chars" in a reliable way.

This means that, by using htmlspecialchars here, you can't provide any "edit" system, as you won't be able to allow the user to edit the original message.

# Good idea: Using htmlspecialchars to sanitize user-generated content

As said before, this method is made to be used when outputting content to a page. It's tasked with replacing any HTML-related character with their HTML entity counterpart.

For example, if you have a forum or a comment space, you can use this method to avoid XSS flaws.

// Example
$comment = 'This is a comment <script src="badstuff.js"></script> to test XSS';
// ...
<article><?= htmlspecialchars($comment); ?></article>