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2022 / 01 / 14 - ESP8266 playground notes (raw)

Setting up my ESP8266

I dug out my ESP8266 after a long time, because I wanted to do a few electronic toys. Thing is, I've always found the Lua docs to be abyssimally bad.

Lucky me, a friend of mine recommended that I check out micropython, instead of trying to fiddle with a language I'm uncomfortable with, or worse, a shitty native runtime language (C, C++ for arduino seems better, but it's still C++).

My ESP8266 dev boards are some random chinese low-quality devices that are doing the job fine for me, but not much more. One thing they lack is documentation.

I don't know the specifics of this board's capabilities, notably because I completely lost the original product ID / page, but the 1m esp8266 build of the MicroPython firmware works well for me.

I used the python esptool package to wipe and flash the boards' firmwares, but I needed a few tries because:

Once those issues were cleared up (for the Orca part, I simply uninstalled the software, as I didn't manage to set it up before that, so it was still useless to me), I managed to properly wipe the board, and then flash the firmware on it.

$ python -m esptool --port /dev/ttyUSB0 erase_flash
$ python -m esptool --port /dev/ttyUSB0 --baud 460800 write_flash --flash_size=detect 0 Downloads/esp8266-1m-20210902-v1.17.bin