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2022 / 11 / 09 (raw), maybe archived?

It's been a while since I last wrote something here... Time passed quite a lot, and I've mostly moved on from coding as a main hobby, towards other domains. Other technical constraints related to this blog also play a big part in how much I write on it...

As of today, I don't yet know where I'll go from there. Maybe I'll archive this blog (converting it to a static website, disabling search, bringing the overall financial cost to a halt). Maybe I'll re-work it to make it easier for me to write on it; more enticing too.

I don't yet know where I'll go, notably because most of my projects are being written on my personal garden instead now.

Another idea, going along with the re-work, would be to share the contents of the project section of my garden (for its technical projects) with this blog, by adding a dedicated section to it and making the blog article feed more tailored towards writing about changes in said projects.

A painful point that is also playing a part is the fact that the e-mail address I've put as contact point is becoming increasingly seen by spammers and shitty cancerous manipulation (aka marketing) companies; this would require me to maybe make the available e-mail auto-generated so it's easier to identify where and when the address was grabbed.

In any case, I'm available on Mastodon as provided in my about page, so I guess I'll see you around.