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2019 / 02 / 10 (raw)

2019 and this blog; I'm still alive

As you can notice, articles are quite slow to come. The reason is mainly due to me being a slow writer, and not having a lot of topics to write on.

Another problem is school, as there's definitely more work than the previous year, giving me less time to maintain this blog, together with some other projects.

Website changes and this blog

A project I'm currently walking towards is to rework most of my websites.

I have a lot of very small static websites for lots of different things, and it doesn't make a lot of sense in my opinion to spread them so much, so I'll work on joining together a lot of them.

Part of this work has already been done, where several small documentation websites were finally brought together at

I have a few websites left:

In the Portfolios section, there's some heavy duplication, so I intend to remove all of them, and merge them into a single simple page, which will be simpler to find (and link back to me), and much cleaner to maintain.

I also intend to merge my devlog inside this blog, and to, once again (I know), re-work this blog.

This includes a re-design, a change in the categorization system, and a removal of the comment space (since the service I used is pretty much closing their doors).

A new hope

The first goal is to merge my Devlog into my blog, which should be followed by the integration of my folio (a.k.a. CV) into the blog website, then followed by the integration of a small "About" page.

To organise all written articles, there'll be some categorization.

The design'll probably change to become simpler; I'll probably use a third-party lightweight CSS library, like skeleton or milligram for the base CSS.

I'll probably redevelop the static site generator, not in nodejs but in go, to be simpler and easier to maintain, because it's a real hell as of now, especially around file manipulation.

Articles access

The direct articles' links won't change, but the RSS feeds will be differently structured: the global one will continue to work, but a new feed by category will be created.


Overall, a lot of planned change, which will take some time, especially around the static site generation (with a much more complex layout), but I personally think it's really worth the change and amount of work.

For now, I'll work on that, so I'll see you later!